6 Reasons to Make Garden Grove Your Texas Hill Country Wedding Destination


You've heard of glamping and destination weddings. But you haven't EXPERIENCED them until you stay at Garden Grove. Nestled in the undeniably beautiful Texas Hill Country, you'll find yourself at an iron gate entrance into a weekend of luxury.  

1. Cabanas
The outdoors are great. But let's face it, a soft bed and air conditioning is a dream. Add to that the feeling of being outdoors minus bugs sleeping with you, that's heaven. The cabanas at Garden Grove bring the outdoors in with endless amounts of natural light. With six cabanas in varying decor themes, your VIP guests won't want to leave.

Step up your cabana experience with the Fancy Flush luxury portable restrooms.  

2. Luxurious Private Suite
Now that you've got your guests set, you'll have your own secret get away of pure bliss. If anyone forgot who's wedding it is, they will know as soon as they walk into the couple's suite inside the Main House. This 2,400 square foot suite is complete with a luxurious bed, huge walk in closet, two fire places and a bath tub of your dreams. 

With plenty of counter space and mirrors, the 40 square foot bathroom also serves as the ideal space to get ready with the girls. 

3. Poolside Lawn
We've all had dreams of a beach wedding, but this Texas Hill Country oasis will make you want to ditch the sand. Once you see the gorgeous possibilities of having a poolside wedding at Garden Grove, you'll forget all about that romantic beach wedding with Fabio. 

4. Full Service Man Cave
Move aside Fabio, the men are here. It is more then just a place to throw on a tux, this 3,600 square foot cave is decked out with a wet bar prepared with two kegs, an 80" HD TV, top of the line sound system, and table games. It's the celebration pregame your groomsmen will appreciate. 

There is also a private room in the back where the groomsmen can get ready complete with couches, a washer and dry for those last minute spills, and bathroom. 

5. Glamping
Why make everyone leave when they can stay for the weekend? The beautifully manicured glamping grounds at Garden Grove accommodate up to 50 more people. These picturesque teepees are set up with just enough of that wilderness feel while providing the perfect amount of comfort. 

Photo by John Davidson

Photo by John Davidson

6. Catering Kitchen with Lounge Areas
With so many outdoor amenities, Garden Grove also features what's known as the Main House. This beautiful, Santa Barbara styled kitchen and lounge provides 7,500 square feet of space for your caterers and guests. The calming atmosphere and comfy couches create a refreshing space to relax and escape the Texas heat. 

With Garden Grove, it's more than just your wedding day, it's your whole wedding experience. It truly stands out as a destination venue with so much more to offer brides and grooms on their special day.  Find more reasons to make Garden Grove your Texas Hill Country destination at their website: www.gardengroveaustin.com

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